Autodealer's incredible Somewherecold Debut "Structured Living for Young Minds" Out Today

Autodealer’s incredible Somewherecold Debut “Structured Living for Young Minds” Out Today

autodealer is Matt Richter. What began in 2002 as just Matt with a bunch of broken guitar gear has (slowly) morphed into just Matt with a copy of Ableton, a slightly better guitar, and an unreasonable number of pedals. As a part of the music community of the central coast of California in the early 2000s, autodealer was fortunate enough to open for bands such as Mono, Maserati, Landing and routinely opened for the Swords Project.

Structured Living for Young Minds is autodealer‘s first release on Somewherecold Records and most certainly won’t be the last. The label owner Jason Lamoreaux first heard autodealer through his contribution to the Hope: For the Trevor Project charity compilation and asked to sign him right away. Amazingly, Richter had a number of releases ready to go, and the label was anxious to get his music out to the world.

Structured Living for Young Minds comes in a deluxe CD edition with mini-disc Icebox, regular CD edition, as well as on all digital formats.

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