Fermion's Sophomore Album Out Today on Somewherecold Records!

Fermion’s Sophomore Album Out Today on Somewherecold Records!

The idea of Fermion formed after Augustine and Eric met at an electronic music producers meet-up in New York City one evening, and they got to talking and realized how much they had in common musically and what they might want to make together. The idea stayed dormant for a while but in 2019, the creative electricity that was flowing through both of them finally coalesced, and the duo started creating sounds that melded their styles seamlessly. Fermion incorporates the best of synth-pop. industrial, ambient, along with other styles, and feel that electronic music should push the boundaries of sound sculpture, songwriting, and character to give the listeners feeling and emotion often disassociated with synthesizers. They are influenced often by seminal new wave and industrial and executing those styles wrapping them in modern aural flourishes.

Fermion: Hysteresis adds another incredibly executed electronic album to Somewherecold Records’ roster. Hysteresis comes out today on very limited CD in digipak as well as in all digital formats. Get your copy!

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