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The majority of our coverage is about bands that are of the slocore, ambient, experimental, shoegaze, post rock, etc. genres. Further, we hope to connect bands with listeners. It’s our primary goal. Finding and interacting with bands we love and sharing those bands with others brings us joy and we are continuing that tradition here. We also still believe in the “album”. We know that bands and artists think carefully about the order of tracks on an album to create an ebb and flow, emphasize peaks and valleys, tell stories, and the like. We want to respect and acknowledge that effort. Further, we hope our writing and care for the art we write about reflects the respect we have for the time and effort the bands and artists put into their craft. We attempt to “listen” to the best of our ability. We will never capture in words the force and impact of music even though we will try to the best of our abilities.

Before the relaunch of the site on September 15, 2016, Somewherecold was an active online music magazine between 2001-2009. Brent began the site in 2001 while Jason joined some time later (perhaps around 2002/2003. It’s hard to remember). For a number of personal reasons, the site went down. The old URL was lost and we thought we lost the data. Well, it turns out that Phil, our tech guru and the houser of our site on his server, had actually saved the majority of the articles we wrote over that period of time. We are calling this “The Archives” at the site. We invite our readers, both former and new, to go back through our reviews and interviews since they are a time capsule, and, perhaps, will lead many to go back and explore some great music.

We owe a great debt to Brent who is the original founder of this site. His writing and great ear made this site what it is. Perhaps he will find the time to return as a guest reviewer or something more.


jason02JASON T. LAMOREAUX: Editor-n-chief, Writer, All Around Troublemaker

Jason is “editor-n-chief” and writer/owner of Somewherecold. During the site’s hiatus, Jason has obtained his Ph.D. and has published a couple of books and a handful of articles in his field. He also teaches at the college level. In terms of music, Jason has started recording his own music under the moniker The Corrupting Sea. He has been involved with Somewherecold since around 2003 and is grateful to its original owner Brent Diaz for passing the torch!

DAYLILY ALVAREZ: Reviewer, Writer, All Around Awesome Person!

Daylily Alvarez is a full-time librarian with a tooth for loud guitars. Her love for music expands to various genres and eras. She currently contributes to Somewhere Cold and Fadeawayradiate to combine her loves for music and writing into a very anticipated, sacred time of her days. Recently, Daylily picked up the guitar again, and now dabbles in soundscape sorcery under the name Ambient Intimacy.

BLAKE EDWARD CONLEYContributor, Asker of Questions, Assessor of Albums, Urban Cowboy

Blake Edward Conley is the self-described ‘lonely droner’ behind the ongoing personal project Droneroom. In addition he is currently or has been in the past involved in bands such as Lucy Stoner, the Minor Second, and others. He is based out of Louisville KY, his sign is Libra, and he is known to wear a cowboy hat and cowboy boots in public despite being a stone’s throw from the North. He likes fender guitars, fender amps, heavy tremolo, and might possibly have a crush on you.

KELLI REDDING: Reviewer, Writer, Shoegaze/Psych Guitar Wizard!

Kelli Redding has always had a passion for creative writing, and in college began teaching herself to play acoustic guitar. After discovering the loud and dreamy world of shoegaze, she was hooked. She now plays in Cincinnati-based band Slow Glows and hopes to continue touring and recording more music in the coming year. Outside of Slow Glows, she and a friend run the DIY label Rose Hill Records; they plan to put out more vinyl releases from her own band and other local artists in 2019.

JEFF HAIGHT: Reviewer, Musician, and All Around Great Person!

Jeff Haight is a northern Michigan multi instrumentalist recording atmospheric soundscapes under the moniker Cesium Swimsuit. In the past he has contributed to Sound of Confusion and presently contributes reviews to Overblown webzine and Frission Radio. Jeff brings his deep love of music to Somewherecold to share a passion for shoegaze, ambient, psych rock and dream pop

BRET MILLER: Reviewer, Writer, All Around Music Fan and Nerd!

Bret Miller didn’t fit into the world until he discovered music.  He’s written about bands since 1991. He loves music that is transportive, covering many genres.


The site framework was put together by Dakota. He’s going to be helping with social media and issues surrounding WordPress, etc. He’s done a bang-up job getting things going for the initial launch. He’s currently a college student and a competitive swimmer.



PHIL: Housing of the site and all around internet hero!

PhilLastly, Phil has once again come through with server space and hosting. Thanks Phil!




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