OUT TODAY! Hope: For the Trevor Project Compilation (Somewherecold Records, 2021)

OUT TODAY! Hope: For the Trevor Project Compilation (Somewherecold Records, 2021)

Art by M. Cody McPhail

Somewherecold Records has done a charity compilation almost every year it has been active. Part of the ethos surrounding the record label is the need for art to do something positive in the world. This year, an open call went out for artists to contribute tracks to a compilation in support of the Trevor Project. The mission of “The Trevor Project is to end suicide among gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer & questioning young people.” This mission involves education, counseling, helping LGBTQ+ young people with homelessness, and much more.


The compilation turned out to contain 52 tracks and almost five hours of music. There are a number of artists from a number of different genres. This makes it seem like the compilation itself would feel disjointed but, as the head of the label, I beg to differ. Each artist brought something to the table that helped to create an ebb and flow from caution, to joy, to danger, to fear, to hope, and so on. There is a sense of difference here like there are in all communities and the connecting glue is all the artists’ desires to help with this very important cause. Given what is happening to LGBTQ+ communities in the United States and around the world, we think that art, and its ability to touch people, is one way to help raise funds to support said projects.

The Trevor project will receive all money tied to the sale of the compilation (minus fees and expenses from Bandcamp and Paypal). The hope is that we, as an art community, can raise $3000 through sales of this compilation that represents artists from around the globe.

The compilation will be taken down on Sept 29, 2021, giving people the opportunity to donate money to the cause within the two month span (with a $10 minimum donation). At midnight on Sept 29, the compilation will then be taken down with the purpose of ending the charity drive and to return the tracks to each artist to release on albums, EPs, or singles as they choose at a later date.

I am hoping that all of you in radio and writing might find space to share this compilation and lead people to it. We cannot do it without a larger megaphone channeled through the blogs, radio stations, and websites that love to support great music. And, I must say, I was so proud of what came in from the call because the compilation contains incredible music from incredible artists.

I want to personally thank all those who support the comp, the artists who labored over their own art for this very purpose, and the Trevor Project for doing such important and valuable work within the context of LGBTQ+ communities.

So Many Amazing Artists!
A Distant Shore
A Talk in the Dark
Aiden Baker
Audrey Vixen
Backwards Charm
The Beremy Jets
Brian Wenckebach
Butter City Poster Boys
Chad Mossholder
Color of Light
Connor Kissel
The Corrupting Sea
The Corrupting Sea x Jeremy Bastard
Cynocephalic Saints
dahl haus
Departure Street
Federico Balducci
Federico Balducci | fourthousandblackbirds
Jeff Appleton
Jeremy Bastard (feat Mevius)
John the Silent
La Cerca
Light Humidity
The Microdance
Mila Drone
Nico Beatastic
Noh Fryuchur
Orange Crate Art
Permafrost AC
Richard Sandling
Robert Scott Thompson
The Skating Party
Talk in the Dark
Tender Mercy
Tombstones in Their Eyes
Tristan Welch
Your Gaze

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