OUT TODAY! Giacomelli: Interplanetary Thoughts (Somewherecold Records, 2021)

OUT TODAY! Giacomelli: Interplanetary Thoughts (Somewherecold Records, 2021)

Interplanetary Thoughts, the new album from west coast synthesist Giacomelli, is a new suite of concentric loops of analog melodic bliss inspired by the simple riches of the natural world and the celestial dance whose lead we are bound to.

Recorded in Giacomelli’s West Coast Sound Labs, perched high above the Santa Cruz Mountains, Interplanetary Thoughts is the result of a years worth of experimentation on the ARP Odyssey, resulting in a rich earthy slabs of ambient drones and looping generative movements influenced by the early years of electronic music and analog synthesis.

As a veteran of the underground Gainesville FL music scene, Giacomelli’s dual experimental and melodic sensibilities were on display in multiple bands in the early 2000’s, and following a relocating to his ancestral home of California, embraced a tradition of composers inspired by the golden state in their survey of the inner-states.

Interplanetary Thoughts, Giacomelli’s 5th release on Somewherecold Records, is out now with an accompanying EP, Mountains & The Sea, available in a limited edition handcrafted presentation.

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