VIDEO PREMIERE: autodealer - "Anxiety Anthem" (Somewherecold Records, 2022)

VIDEO PREMIERE: autodealer – “Anxiety Anthem” (Somewherecold Records, 2022)

autodealer‘s single from the EP Interims is entitled “Anxiety Anthem”. It is a pinnacle of autodealer’s sound and progression. I know I’ll say that on the next release but his ability to progress in sound and composition is astonishing. If you don’t own autodealer’s catalog, we here at Somewherecold highly recommend it.

About the EP: “So there’s no way around it; it’s been a difficult, albeit productive, year for autodealer (Matt Richter). This year began with the release of Circuit Dreams the Signal, his 5th full length and first with Somewherecold, a record he’s still very proud of (and still available via Somewherecold!). The positivity continued with the debut release by Transverse, his collaboration with The Corrupting Sea (also available through Somewherecold!). But then Covid reared its ugly head, and the rest of 2022 would be shaped by it, both personally and professionally. It wasn’t until September that autodealer really began to get back on his feet, and was thrilled to learn that Bandcamp Fridays were returning. Not only that, but he realized that the Bandcamp Friday in October landed on his birthday. If that wasn’t a sign, then I don’t know what is. Interims is the product of a difficult year, and serves as a bridge to the next chapter of autodealer. With two very different, related records coming out in 2023, Interims works as both a Cliff’s Notes version of the autodealer sound so far, and an introduction to the new direction that the sound is taking. Once again mastered by Jason Lamoreaux, and featuring the artwork of Jen Cleary, Interims is autodealer‘s 6th release since 2020, and his third with Somewherecold.”…


Lastly, Happy Birthday to one of my favorite musicians. autodealer should be superstar.

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