FOR IMMEDIATE PRE-ORDER - The Quietist: Hidden Out February 25, 2022

FOR IMMEDIATE PRE-ORDER – The Quietist: Hidden Out February 25, 2022

So it begins. The first pre-order for 2022 is now open! The Quietist: Hidden launches the new year as the first pre-order and is an incredibly deep, meditative, and healing piece of work. Minimalist in his approach, The Quietist proves to be an incredible edition to Somewherecold Records. This one album, between winter and spring, will be the stepping off point into an incredible set of releases for the year.

Also, the code 2022YEAR6 will get you 25% off the pre-order. This is the only reason the album is currently at $12 instead of $10. Use the code to bring down the price to near normal. The label will be doing this with all pre-orders in order to offset the sale. Once the sale is done on Jan 1, the normal cost per album will be reduced.

The album Hidden was put together from a collection of The Quietist‘s albums but also includes 3 new tracks written especially for this release. The Quietist‘s finds his space in long form slow, minimal ambient. At the center of the compositions is the attempt to capture the artist’s feelings but overall The Quietist aims to produce relaxing, thoughtful music for the listener. Each track develops over time so the most benefit comes from listening to the flow of the music as it unfolds. It’s quiet and requires time and attention. The Quietist‘s music is meant to help calm the spirit and move a person into quiet slumber.

The Quietist (Philip Ward) has been writing music since 1999 by writing on the Playstation 1 with upgraded Cubase SE and a selection of virtual synths. The future of Ward‘s work consists of exploring even longer slower pieces, using silence as well as learning how to play the Shakuhachi.  Among Ward‘s influences are Jean Michel Jarre, Kraftwerk, Brian Eno, and the ambient sounds of Moby. Ward lives in the UK.

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