Darren Ryan's Opus "Lexical Variation" Is Out Today! (It's Also Bandcamp Day)

Darren Ryan’s Opus “Lexical Variation” Is Out Today! (It’s Also Bandcamp Day)

Lexical Variation presents a deep sonic flow through punctuated soundscapes, molten drones, and hovering chunks of industrial ambience. Constantly shifting sound structures evoke an evolving narrative and surreal rhythmic lyricism that coheres the nature of the piece across its full program of just over a hundred minutes. Lexical Variation follows Into the Clicks, Ryan’s first long form experimental ambient release on Somewherecold Records in spring of 2021.

Darren Ryan is an Irish born artist and musician currently based in south Texas. Darren‘s audiovisual work encompasses electronic music production, video art, digital printmaking, and painting. Darren graduated from the Institute of Audio Research NYC in 1999 and later studied fine art at Bellas Artes and Instituto Allende in Guanajuato, Mexico. More on Darren Ryan’s work can be found at darrenryan.com and norealitytv.com.

Get those copies today while the label and artist can make 10% more on the release (Dec 3rd is Bandcamp day). This album is amazing and so is Into the Clicks. Get both albums at the label site by clicking the streaming bar below. Further, this completes the releases for 2021 from Somewherecold Records. More coming in 2022!


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