Long Awaited Elektra Monet Full-Length "The Black Opal" Up For Pre-order!

Long Awaited Elektra Monet Full-Length “The Black Opal” Up For Pre-order!

Hello Somewherecold supporters. Well, as you can see in the pre-orders up currently, the end of 2021 is crossing the finish line in epic fashion. Today, on of the last pre-ordrer has gone up and it is the much anticipated full-length from Elektra Monet entitled The Black Opal. A multi-instrumentalist classically trained, Monet‘s sonic story telling is breathtaking. Ambient and beautifully ghostly vocals sometimes float over beds of atmospheric electronic worlds. Other times, the electronic world is front and center and can contains driving beats or ambient, drone-like textures.

Honestly, Elektra Monet has that “thing” people talk about when it comes to stars. Her music is special, spacious, and incredibly deep. The Black Opal comes out on November 10th. Get that copy soon and, remember, she also has an EP on the label which is almost sold out.

Listen, enjoy, and turn it up because this one is meant to be absorbed by all the senses!


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