FOR IMMEDIATE PRE-ORDER - The Tape Recorders: Wire Out July 23, 2021

FOR IMMEDIATE PRE-ORDER – The Tape Recorders: Wire Out July 23, 2021

Somewherecold Records is proud to present the newest member of the roster Gabriel Rojo who records under the moniker The Tape Recorders. Wire is an electronic dream and demonstrates Rojo‘s incredible sense of elector-composition.

Wire is one of the most salient albums by The Tape Recorders, the Ambient/Sound Collage/Synthesizer Music project headed by Argentinian sound artist and author Gabriel Rojo.

The album title, blue cover artwork and musical style (old-school electronics – “Argentinian Krautrock”) all came to him in a dream. A dream with John Cale in it. All that was left was to actually make the album. For the first time Gabriel employed a maximalist approach – layers upon layers, a miasma of synthesized sounds. All along there’s a beam of brightness running through, which is why the original release date was on the first day of the new year, a day in which we are supposed to do what we want to keep doing all year long.

The hyper-talented Dyb ( co-authors “Why We Forgive” and Tape Recorders Stalwart Extraordinaire Mel Helmick contributes both to the artwork and the music.

As Stefan Zweig once said, “nothing you ever do with all your heart is done in vain”.

The Tape Recorders is Gabriel Rojo who hails from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Wire is his debut album on Somewherecold Records out July 23, 2021.

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