OUT TODAY - Elektra Monet: Transience (Somewherecold Records 2021)

OUT TODAY – Elektra Monet: Transience (Somewherecold Records 2021)

I am so incredibly proud to have Elektra Monet on the label. Her EP, Transience, comes out today on very limited CD. It is three tracks that makes the listener beg for more. She is an accomplished musician and an amazing composer. Her mastery of electronic music is on display here on three unique tracks that give those unfamiliar with her work a taste for the coming full-length.

Elektra has performed in numerous venues throughout the United States and Europe. Her deep knowledge of and interest in all genres of music, film, art and culture have greatly influenced her artistic approach to her music making and leadership within the arts. As a violist of the 21st century, she’s open to new styles of music and loves incorporating her classical training into electronic compositions. She strongly believes it’s important to be well-rounded and explore all genres of music as a developing musician. Elektra DJ’d at Burning Man in 2019. Along with viola, she is passionate about composing electronic music under the name “Elektra Monet”. You can listen to her songs on Spotify, and she loves her cat Morrissey.

You can also hear Elektra Monet on the Jeremy Bastard album since she sings on two tracks. Her vocals are as impressive as her compositions.

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