OUT TODAY! thisquietarmy x Hellenica: Houses of Worship (Somewherecold Records, 2021)

OUT TODAY! thisquietarmy x Hellenica: Houses of Worship (Somewherecold Records, 2021)

Somewherecold Records is incredibly proud to release the collaboration between thisquietarmy x Hellenica: Houses of Worship. The album is both of their styles warped into a lovely, wicked sound collage. The duo play with dynamics, throwing up giant walls of sound, dipping down into valleys of solitude, and filling the spaces with fuzz and electronic accents. The doom is here alongside the beauty and the longing. Thisquietarmy, a long time favorite artist of Somewherecold, pulls no punches with his guitar work while Hellenica brings an electric hum that both soothes and warns.

As the pandemic loomed upon on March 12th 2020, they both crossed paths in the middle of the urban renewal of the retro-kitsch St-Hubert strip to attend one last local gig before the lockdown of the province of Quebec, then patiently waited out for the first wave to pass. After a few summer hangs in parks and with no end to the social restrictions in sight, it was the perfect time to set up a improvised jam session at Migration, a space at the mighty 6545 Durocher, known for its underground parties and loft gigs – the last building of its kind still standing, located at a dead-end street, in front of the Hebrew school and across the infamous F#A#infinity train tracks. In the face of gentrification, surrounded by construction sites, old buildings got torn down and shiny brand new ones erected one after the next.

This jam is an ode to this dying building and its neighborhood. A symbol of a time past where an underground culture of creativity was welcomed and nurtured – a House of Worship so to speak. Let this recording serve as a sonic document to the feelings surrounding its undeniable future demise and the final nail being pounded in the coffin.

Get those copies while they last. The artists have copies in Canada if you wish to save on postage while the label have them in the U.S. thisquietarmy x Hellenca: Houses of Worship is an incredible edition to the label, and I hope you will all support the release! It is truly magnificent!

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