OUT TODAY - poena sensus: Krubera (Somewherecold Records, 2021)

OUT TODAY – poena sensus: Krubera (Somewherecold Records, 2021)

poena sensus is the newest dark ambient artist to join the Somewherecold Family. Utilizing textures and drones with a deep, dark edge, poena sensus proves that, with his debut album Krubera, he will be a force in the dark ambient world. Skillfully crafted and artfully presented, Krubera is a haunting experience that transports the listener to the underground caverns of darkness and exploration. As the journey under the ground continues, poena sensus continues the journeyer into deeper corners and claustrophobic mazes.

poena sensus is the dark ambient project created by Jason Hayes, and Krubera is the second deepest cave in the world.  The journey begins with arrival and descent into the cave, going deeper and deeper into darkness, silence, and the unknown.  The sense of fear inherent in man manifests itself upon the cave navigator as he travels deeper into Krubera, where he eventually becomes lost.  Then comes the panic and realization that he will never get out and see daylight again.  Lastly, the acceptance of succumbing to Krubera.  The journey into the depths of Krubera is a journey into one’s own mind.

poena sensus: Krubera comes on limited CD in gorgeous digipak packaging. You can also purchase the album on digital in multiple formats on bandcamp.


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