Pre-order up now for Darren Ryan: Into the Clicks out May 14th

Pre-order up now for Darren Ryan: Into the Clicks out May 14th

For immediate pre-order, Somewherecold Records presents a new member to our roster, Darren Ryan and his long-form album Into the Clicks. A singular piece of soundcraft, “Into the Clicks” brings to the table another entrancing, robust, deep, and thoughtful ambient/experimental/electronic long-form album. It’s an honor to have this album on the label due out on May 14th.

From the artist:

“Into the Clicks was conceived and recorded in Fall and Winter of 2020/21 using an entirely digital sound palette sourced from the iOS environment of digital audio synthesis and sound processing applications. While embracing the digital aesthetic of tablet based music making, a casual directive to create synthetic representations of vaguely organic spaces and otherworldly events was in the air from the start.

During the exploration of iOS sound machines a collaboration was born with UK based musician/app developer Mark Smulian whose MindHarp app inspired and provided the sounds for an extended passage contained in the album.

The core inspiration for the compositional aspect of Into the Clicks was a desire to create a single long form piece that held a surreal and evolving narrative while pushing synthesis into an ambiguous biomechanics that transcends the digital source material.”

Darren Ryan: Into the Clicks will be released on May 14, 2021 on limited CD in Digipak as well as on digital.

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