FOR IMMEDIATE PRE-ORDER - Nicholas Maloney: Stilling Out April 23rd on Somewherecold Records

FOR IMMEDIATE PRE-ORDER – Nicholas Maloney: Stilling Out April 23rd on Somewherecold Records

Nicholas Maloney is back with his third album on Somewherecold Records. It is entitled Stilling and it is two long-form pieces in dual disc digipak packaging. Clocking in at almost an hour and a half, this mastermind of field recording takes the listener on quite the journey. There is a meticulous attention to movements from tension to peace and back again. The waves of different emotive moments are clearly communicated. Maloney is truly one of the best field recording/sound design artists out there and I hope you grab a copy of this dual disc massive achievement. Get his back catalog as well. You won’t be disappointed. In the words of the artist himself:

“Stilling” is a two-part piece composed using highly transformed and manipulated field recordings. It was originally commissioned by Crosstown Arts (Memphis, TN) to be performed at the “A Change of Tone Music Exhibition” concert series in April of 2020. The series was postponed indefinitely due to the coronavirus pandemic. The four-part, four-day event was to feature a selection of four musical acts, one act per night, who would “exhibit” their music for a listening audience over loudspeakers in one venue as they simultaneously perform it in another, creating a non-traditional listening experience.

The theme of the exhibition was “in/out of sync.” “What does it mean to be “in or out of sync”–with something, with nothing, with anything…with everything? In what ways do you feel or observe things as being in or out of sync with one another…”

Hence the movements between tension and peace throughout the course of both individual tracks. A spectacular feat of sound design, Stilling is a must have in its dual disc form given the artwork accentuates the music. Get your copy before April 23rd. The release is limited to 50 copies.

Only at Somewherecold Records’ bandcamp page can you get the bonus track “The Bell” with purchase.


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