Song by Song - Your Gaze: Wimb by Paul Rhodes

Song by Song – Your Gaze: Wimb by Paul Rhodes

Paul Rhodes of Your Gaze gives us the skinny on his Somewherecold Records EP Wimb.

I started writing Wimb before my last LP In Gloom was even released. It was still in the stages of being mixed. The main reason I started recording new music was because I met a like-minded friend named Neal Harris. I met Neal through work and we very quickly became friends. He is a member of the band Reindeer Flotilla and the collective Holy Organs. At first, he offered to produce one track for me. We decided to do an entire EP after I heard how amazing the first song was. Another import factor in this release was befriending Jason of the amazing Somewherecold Records. He believed in the EP and graciously agreed to release it. We bonded over a mutual love of Depeche Mode which is certainly an influence on the EP and all of my music. I also had the honor of being able to use a photograph from the artist Tomoya Shiono (Monocism / Sourin) for the cover. Below are some of my thoughts and comments regarding each of the tracks on Wimb.

“Covered In Delay”:

This is the single off of Wimb. The lyrics are about the ocean which is my favorite place on earth. Specifically, the lyrics are about a metaphorical shark attack and these lyrics were written during Shark Week 2019. This is the first Your Gaze song I have ever recorded bass for. I loved it so much I included bass on the next 2 songs. I really wanted to write a fuzzy bass heavy song like Ceremony (East Coast). I wanted the music to feel sonically heavy like the tide was pulling you in. I love the abrupt stops Neal added. It brings so much excitement to the song along with the piano chords. Thank you Gil Costello for letting me use your Ernie Ball Music Man on this EP.


This song is about nature’s growth and the new life it can create despite when earth’s conditions can be harsh. It is also about reflection and how that idea can be related to human beings. It is a very sad sounding song, but I also think it is very hopeful. It turns from dark and static on the verse to a bit of a brighter outlook on the chorus. I really enjoy that contrast. The drum buildup really makes for a more impactful song. I believe the rhythm guitars really achieved a great shoegazing guitar tone.

“Kill Yr Limbs”:

Obviously, by the title of this song you can tell it is an homage to Sonic Youth (which I have done in the past). With this song, I wanted it to sound melodic but fucked up. I love how detuned the synths are and how wacky it sounds. The rhythm guitars are very drone sounding and the drum machine is very driving. In contrast, the lead guitar and vocal melody are very poppy. This song is a metaphor for growing up and having to step out of your comfort zone.

“Star Burner” (Alternate Version):

This song was a single off of my last LP In Gloom. There is also a music video for this track. “Star Burner” was the first song I sent to Neal to produce. The drastic and elegant differences between the normal version and this alternate version is why I decided to continue working with Neal. The synthesizers add another level of texture and introduce new genres of influences into the song. The drum machine and the new drum fills drive the song. They somehow make it even more interesting. His backup vocals compliment mine incredibly well. Finally, his gentle mixing really brings out the diverse sounds and different textures throughout the song. Lyrically, it is about a natural love that makes everything else insignificant. This will always be my favorite version of this song. It is such a killer way to end the EP.

Thank you: Britney Rhodes, Neal Harris, Jason Lamoreaux, Tomoya Shiono, and Gil Costello.

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