The Corrupting Sea: Soul Mate (Vinyl, Dual Cassette, CD) up for Pre-Order!

The Corrupting Sea: Soul Mate (Vinyl, Dual Cassette, CD) up for Pre-Order!

A long time in the making, The Corrupting Sea‘s Soul Mate is finally near the finish line. The CD’s are in house while the Vinyl will ship by end of week and the Cassettes will ship by beginning of November. The projected date for the release of the album is November 18th.

The album comes in a few forms depending on the format. It was originally recorded for CD format and therefore began as a long form track. Clocking in at over 40 minutes, the album was suited to a CD but, when vinyl became a possibility, it was reformatted and mastered (by Toby Crate Art) for a vinyl version. Now five tracks created from the vignettes in the long form track, the Vinyl and Cassette format came to be through a successful Kickstarter (THANKS ALL WHO SUPPORTED IT!).

Soul Mate, The Corrupting Sea‘s 12th full length, was an attempt to communicate love and warmth to The Corrupting Sea‘s long time partner Tami. While the title may be a bit cliche, it is perfect for these two. Working to shed the dread, anxiety, and underlying tension that normally populates his music, The Corrupting Sea attempted to make a far more ambient and serene album, communicating sonically the care and closeness he feels with Tami after more than 26 years together.

The album comes in four formats: Vinyl, Dual Cassette, CD, and Digital. The CD contains the long-form track while the pre-order only gives you the first section of the album (“The Spark”) so as not to give it all away before Nov 18th. The Vinyl and Cassette forms come with “The Spark” in pre-order and the five digital tracks once released. If you buy the dual cassette form, you will get the Soul Mate Remix Album along with a download code for the remix tracks. Side D contains the first every physical release of 2018’s I Love You Over the Moon EP.

Well, this is a big one for the label. Here’s hoping you all enjoy enough to purchase the album. Thanks to all who helped make this possible through the Kickstarter!



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