FOR IMMEDIATE PRE-ORDER - Federico Balducci: Cadet de l'espace (Somewherecold Records, 2020)

FOR IMMEDIATE PRE-ORDER – Federico Balducci: Cadet de l’espace (Somewherecold Records, 2020)

As we head toward the end of a very strange summer, more music is being posted for pre-order here at Somewherecold Records. Included in this move toward the fall is a gorgeous release by guitar virtuoso Federico Balducci and his debut album on Somewherecold Records is entitled Cadet de l’espace. Drawing from a number of influences, Balducci appears in the guise of experimental mistral with a touch of slow-core post-rock, electronica, and moves into the uncharted territories of experimental deconstruction. Impressive in composition, Balducci lives up to his virtuoso reputation. Utilizing textures, layers, movements, and the occasional ear worm melody, Cadet de l’espace is a stand out album among Balducci‘s prolific catalog.

There are only 50 copies of this gem which comes out on September 11, 2020. Get it now before it runs out!


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