OUT TODAY: The Microdance/Winterwood + Bandcamp Day + More!

OUT TODAY: The Microdance/Winterwood + Bandcamp Day + More!

Hello Somewherecold fans! Today is a huge day at the label. First and most important, Bandcamp is donating all its proceeds to the NAACP, the same people the label donated to for The Resistance compilation. That went very well for a fledgling label. Please buy music from anyone on the site, even if it’s not my label. The NAACP needs as much help as it can get these days.

Out today is The Microdance: Our Love Noire. This album took some twists and turns to get put out, but here we are! Finally! After a handful of singles, The Microdance full length has finally seen the light of day and is out now! Get your copy before this hot album sells out!

Out today is also the second release for Winterwood on Somewherecold Records. This three disc album is entitled The Meditation Loops and it is an incredible set of beautiful, calming, and exquisite tracks that showcase Winterwood‘s powerful use of instrumentation to blend together soothing moments.

Lastly, the Kickstarter for The Corrupting Sea‘s vinyl release of Soul Mate is now in full swing. At almost $1000, there is still $1800 to go and it needs to be done within 53 days! Here’s hoping we can put out our first full vinyl release on the label.


Monday, more news coming and you can hear some of it in this vlog post.


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