Hello Somewherecold Records Supporters,

I thought I would give a sequestered update to the label in general. Out today is Y6DN: Vapour Trails which is a gem. I want to thank everyone for purchasing this release and having it sell out in record time! I’m hoping we can have another Y6DN release perhaps next year.

As things move forward, I’ve had to find another duplicator and cancel a former job to get my money back from a duplicator that shut down. It’s been stressful but I’m still adamant about getting physical copies out into the world. Perhaps, because of my age, I feel better with physical copies because I love artwork and the form and feel of a physical copy. Digital only sometimes feels too ephemeral.

That said, our next release will be a digital only EP because I’m testing the water in another genre I love. AnderTulpa is a set of brilliant dark pieces that are worth your time. Ander certainly gives an alternative mood to what Y6DN offers and, perhaps, gives listeners another shade of music when in isolation. Dark Ambient music has always been a part of my palate in terms of listening as well as composing and I hope you enjoy this release as much as I have. It comes out on April 24th.

Let’s not forget the single from The Microdance. It’s called “Lovesick Kisses”. Yes, we released it last year but decided to put it back up for pre-order only because the band had to post-pone the release of the album, duplicator issues came up, and, well, life happened. Things are finally moving forward and I hope you give the track a listen and get ready for the full-length to hit the pre-order at the site soon.

Backwards Charm: Nevergreen is also up for pre-order. I ordered these discs awfully early and have them in hand already. This is a dreampop gem if I’ve heard one and I’m hoping the dreampop/shoegaze community really supports the album and this band. The album is due to be released in August and, I hope, by then, the album will be sold out. “In Shroud” has been released already as a single and the next single will come at the end of April on Krissy Vanderwoude‘s Wednesday evening show on DKFM: Shoegaze Radio. Following the premiere of the single, a video will premiere for it and it’s a breathtakingly beautiful video for sure.

I am also doing a huge giveaway for Somewherecold Records and only a small group of people have entered. You need to go over to the Facebook page and just write a comment to enter the contest. Watch the video to see what the lots are and what is being given away. Watch the video below and go to the label at this link to enter:

Lastly, I would like to apologize to all the bands and followers about having such a limited or nonexistent output of reviews and interviews. Quit frankly, the label and making sure things are in order in the midst of this insanity has taken a toll and I have to be careful not to stretch myself too thin because my artists are important to me. I owe them my attention.

I’m also in the midst of collaborations, a number of compilation tracks, and a few albums of my own. Recording seems to have become my psychological safe-haven and I have to escape into it as often as I can to remain as stable as I can. I like being home but I don’t like the uncertainty of it all. What I’m trying to say is, I’m doing the best I can as an individual running a label, being a recording artist, and running a blog that is all supposed to function somehow.

I hope you are all safe and healthy. Enter the contest, get some free music, and fill your life with a soundtrack to sooth your soul.

Coming up are pre-orders from Kierhan Mahon, The Microdance, Aura Gaze, Owl Eyes, Circumrotation, and much more!

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