OUT TODAY: Outward's New Single "You're So Beautiful" with Exclusive B-side

OUT TODAY: Outward’s New Single “You’re So Beautiful” with Exclusive B-side

We are getting close to the release of Outward‘s sophomore release on Somewherecold Records entitled I Will Be Something. The second single from the album is now out. It is entitled “You’re So Beautiful” and it comes with the exclusive B-side “Trip and Fall” that will not appear anywhere else. Slow and spacious, this shows another side of Corey Philpot‘s incredible movement forward since his best selling 2019 LP That’s Life. Infused with more of the Slowdive side of shoegaze mixed with his usual angst, “You’re So Beautiful” memorizes as the track takes a listener on a slow, careful sludgegaze tour of Outward‘s progression. Get a copy for $1 or more (if you wish) and enjoy!

Special thanks to Krissy Vanderwoude for premiering the single on DKFM last Weds.


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