FOR IMMEDIATE PRE-ORDER - Outward: I Will Be Something (Somewherecold Records, 2020)

FOR IMMEDIATE PRE-ORDER – Outward: I Will Be Something (Somewherecold Records, 2020)

Outward‘s That’s Life was the premiere of Corey Philpot‘s sludgegaze project last year here at Somewherecold Records. It was a top seller at the label and we are proud to have put it out. Now, Outward‘s sophomore album, I Will Be Something, is nearing it’s launch date on Somewherecold Records this coming April 3rd.

Two singles have been released already with exclusive B-sides. “Bored of the Universe/Set Go” was premiered on new tracks weekend on DKFM Feb. 22-23. The second single, “You’re So Beautiful/Trip and Fall”, came out on March 4th on the show Drowned in the Sea of Sound on DKFM. The single went on March 6th. The next single will premiere here, at Somewherecold, on March 25th while the whole album will be streamed exclusively on Friday March 27th at The Big Takeover. Each single comes with an extra track that will be released nowhere else. There will be 10 deluxe versions of the album for diehard fans available on minidisc in a special jewelry box with insert, label sticker, and a little something extra.

I Will Be Something is an incredible leap forward for Philpot‘s work and his overall sound. Blending textures that evoke bands like Slowdive while still keeping his signature sound, I Will Be Something will be a surprise for many in the best way possible. Get your copy below as pre-orders begin today!

Copies of Outward: I Will Be Something will be sent to our global distributor the second the hard copies come in so ask you stores to be on the look out. Ask for your store to get copies from The Business.


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