BIG NEWS! Somewherecold Records Global Distribution Through The Business

BIG NEWS! Somewherecold Records Global Distribution Through The Business

Big news about the office of Somewherecold Records! The Business has brought us on board for global distribution! That’s right! You can now walk into your record store in Brazil or Germany or Tokyo and ask for Somewherecold Records stock to be brought to the store through The Business. Just have your store contact The Business and e-mail them at and ask for Somewherecold Records albums. They have some of everything except those records that were sold out before stock was sent out. For international fans, all of the rest of The Beremy Jets and David Newlyn‘s albums have been shipped to the distro because the stock was so low and almost completely sold out here at the label. If you want a copy, get your local record store to order a copy soon!

Some info about The Business:

Here’s a list of international stores that The Business has already worked with and are receptive to stock. Remember, by asking your stores to get stock, you can bring more international stores in the mix:

Further, The Business distributes to about 1000 stores in the U.S.A.

This news has been huge for us at the label and we are so glad to be partnering with The Business and bringing the label and our artists to the world!

One last thing, if you are in Louisville, the fabulous Guestroom Records already carries our stock, so drop on buy and pick up some new music to love!

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