TRACK PREMIERE: Tape Deck Mountain - Bueu (Nineteen98/Katuktu Collective, 2018)

TRACK PREMIERE: Tape Deck Mountain – Bueu (Nineteen98/Katuktu Collective, 2018)

by Jason

Tape Deck Mountain hails from Nashville, Tennessee. The band is a trio consisting of Travis Trevisan, Andy Gregg, and Sully Kindcaid. They bring to the table a sort of post-rock, shoegaze mash-up, experimenting with sound and volume along with beautifully written melodies. “Bueu” is fifth and central track to their forthcoming album Echo Chamber Blues which will officially be released on February 23, 2018 on vinyl/digital (Nineteen98) and limited edition cassette (Katuktu Collective). “Bueu” is an instrumental composition that plays on variations in a guitar melody. These variations are accompanied by some great guitar noise and experimental sound. Gregg and Kindcaid play this track with patience, producing simple yet effective bass and percussion work. This post-rock-esque piece hearkens to the genre’s greats such as This Will Destroy You. Give it a listen, check out some more of the songs at their bandcamp (link below), and listen for the premiere of “Halo” coming on The Somewherecold Radio Hour on February 14th!




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