TRACK PREMIERE: Creams - Anthropocene

TRACK PREMIERE: Creams – Anthropocene

by Jason

Creams is a shoegaze band hailing from Leipzig, Germany. Their new album, Olympia II, is due to be released on February 2 and the new single from the album is entitled “Anthropocene”. The track itself has glittering, aggressive guitar work, driving percussion, and reverb drenched post-punk vocals. The juxtaposition of the bright guitars and darker elements make the track intriguing. The video is beautifully constructed by Sophie Polheim & Henrik M. Rohde. It conveys perfectly the frenetic nature of the track and utilizes shapes with sharp angles to really bring home the tension in the song. Give “Anthropocene” a view, rock out to the track (I recommend at high volume), and pre-order a copy of the album (yes, I’ve heard it. It’s highly recommended).



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