DEBUT TRACK: Parsons Rocket Project - Interlude I

DEBUT TRACK: Parsons Rocket Project – Interlude I

by Jason

The Parsons Rocket Project is an Atlanta based band consisting of Jody Hasty (Synth, Electric Piano, Drums), Paul Curry (Bass), Benjamin Price (Guitar, Percussion), and Jeff Holt. They proffer in a mixture of ambient, dreampop, and shoegaze genres to great affect. Their debut self-titled EP is on the horizon and will be out August 11, 2017. For now, the band is releasing a bit of a teaser with their track “Interlude I”. “Interlude I” is a beautiful ambient piece with a dense drone providing a floor over which spacy synths and lightly, dazzling guitars play a melody. The bass and percussion are sparse and never invade too much, leaving “Interlude I” as a compositionally gorgeous ambient track. Having heard the entirety of the EP, I can tell you that it is a preview of something special on the horizon. I can tell you that, six brief tracks in total, Parsons Rocket Project’s self-titled EP is a symphony of pain and triumph, blending various genres masterfully to evince a sonically evocative tale.

Exit Launch
Solar Flare (teaser)
One Moor Call (teaser)

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