VIDEO PREMIERE: Moon Loves Honey - Should Have Waited

VIDEO PREMIERE: Moon Loves Honey – Should Have Waited

by Jason

Hailing from Aarhus, Denmark, Moon Loves Honey is a dreampop band that, quite frankly, I’m slightly obsessed with. Their brand of dreamy, fluid, sugary pop is addictive and complex. As it is, dreampop bands that are blissful sound-wise but have an under-girding danger to them with serious topics in the lyrics or darker imagery juxtaposed to their sound attract me most. the video for “Should Have Waited” does just that. The video seems to depict a relationship gone awry with all the complications that are involved in it. These issues surface in the form of superpowers, with a fight laden with telekinesis happening in an almost empty parking structure. Over against the dreamy music, it’s a brilliant set of images that exposes a dark side to what, on the surface, seems like a perfectly happy and blissful track. Check out the video below and visit their bandcamp to download this track and others.


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