ALBUM PRE-ORDER: The Corrupting Sea - Resist (Somewherecold Records, 2017)

ALBUM PRE-ORDER: The Corrupting Sea – Resist (Somewherecold Records, 2017)

Hello Somewherecold fans and readers. Somewherecold Records has a new release coming from our very own Jason with his The Corrupting Sea project. Resist is a 5 song journey on limited edition cassette (only 50 hand numbered copies) that spans an ambient, dystopian landscape. Resist is the second release for The Corrupting Sea and is a central piece in what will become a trilogy of sorts in 2017. It is a reflection of dystopian moments in a vastly cruel political landscape.  The product of dark contemplation, the bleak soundscapes are ultimately tinged with hope. Fuzzy corners and edges provide bright moments, although not without the underlying feel of strain and effort. Moving from the sickening sort of torturous guitars of “Violence” to the thumping, repetitive thrum of “Moving Forward” and “Rise Up”, the call to action is inherent and the existential dread ever present. Resist is five tracks clocking in at 45:55.

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Visit the bandcamp site to pre-order.


Also, order the limited edition CD (only 100 copies) of Samatta at the Somewherecold Record’s bandcamp as well!


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