Pre-Orders and Updates: The Corrupting Sea, Odist, and Lavelle

Pre-Orders and Updates: The Corrupting Sea, Odist, and Lavelle

Hello Somewherecold Readers. It’s been a while since I have posted simply because my health and live in general have gotten in the way of so much of the things I do. Healing has been a huge part of that process. It’s 2024 and we have finally begun to roll out pre-orders, and I need to mention an album that came out the end of 2023 that garnered little attention due to my situation.

First up, The Corrupting Sea was the first album pre-order launched this year. It’s the first full album released by The Corrupting Sea in over a year and it is entitled Cold Star: An Homage to Vangelis. The video for the first single, “Voight-Campff” is out now and the single comes with the pre-order as well. Only 1 copy remains for pre-order, so grab it while you can. The album will be out March 1st.

“From the opening auditory observation of “Replicant Hunter” to the stormy city gloom of “Like Tears in The Rain” to the hopeful breath of frosty air in “Refuge” there is plenty to process in it’s short length, all done with repsectful inspiration to powerful source material.”

The second pre-order just released to the public is the joint project by The Corrupting Sea and the amazing poet/voice artist Shane Beck (The Last American Poet). The joint project is called Odist and presents eight serene pieces of very deep and personal words and music. Cascading Memories is an apt title for this debut album and it finds both artists in a fabulous collaboration that was brilliantly smooth and saw both moving together on the same wavelengths. A highly coherent album, Cascading Memories is one we hope you will enjoy and, perhaps, find some comfort and peace in as life moves us all forward in whatever situation we may find ourselves in at the moment.

Veil of Sound will be presenting a debut of the album in the near future. More information will be coming on that soon. The album will be released on digital and CD April 12, 2024.

Lastly, the final album I would like to point toward is the collaboration between The Corrupting Sea and John the Silent that was released at the end of 2023. The album is a mixture of ambience, experimental moments, disco beats, drums, vocals, and other magnificent textures. The two artists played by no rules when recording the project called Lavelle. The album is titled Contemporary DJ’s From the Past and I hope you will all give it a listen. It fell under the radar due to a lack of health on the part of Somewherecold’s owner and it’s a shame it fell to the wayside. It certainly deserves better and I hope you will all give it a chance.

John the Silent and The Corrupting Sea recorded the album over the course of two days at Somewherecold Studios. It was a rare opportunity for collaborators to be in the same room together while recording an album.

Lastly, I would like to say thank you to all the artists, journalists, DJ’s, and friends who have supported the label for the past seven years. We are now on our 9th and there are a lot of great releases coming including new Concussed, A Journey of Giraffes, Chad Mossholder, autodealer, John the Silent, Droneroom, and more.

No label can do this without support and I hope you all stay on board as we release fewer physical copies to keep backstock down to a minimum. If the time comes where it’s necessary to raise those numbers, we will do so.

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