OUT TODAY! droneroom: The Best of My Love (Somewherecold Records, 2023)

OUT TODAY! droneroom: The Best of My Love (Somewherecold Records, 2023)

Droneroom returns to Somewherecold for his latest album!

Ever drifting and ever productive, droneroom is releasing a new album this September in The Best of My Love. Returning to Somewherecold for his fifth release with the label, The Best of My Love in essence feels like a fresh new work and yet at the same time, like a return home.

Recorded Arrivals and Departures in Soulsville Memphis, TN, The Best of My Love at times evokes droneroom‘s distinctive mix of twang, drone and a hint of that desert fever dream atmosphere. Yet with The Best of My Love there’s moments that call back to prior works in different places, notably the heartfelt and fluttering “nothing of value is ever truly lost” and the transcendental ambiance of “i kept you like an oath”. All of this capping off with the sullen twenty-minute ride that is “no abandonment (i heard that lonesome whistle blow)”.

Love can create the most beautiful moments. Love can leave those in confusion. Love can test one’s patience. Love can push us to new resolve and resolution. The Best of My Love captures many emotions and expressions in wordless sound in a seventy-three minute journey of internal conflict, memories of those dear and finding one’s place in the world.

It’s so nice to come back home…

Droneroom: The Best of My Love comes out now on Somewherecold Records.

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