The Corrupting Sea - "Little Things" Video Premiere (Heterodox Records, 2021)

The Corrupting Sea – “Little Things” Video Premiere (Heterodox Records, 2021)

“Little Things” is the first single from the forthcoming album “For Simplicity’s Sake” by The Corrupting Sea on Heterodox Records. “For Simplicity’s Sake” is an album that looks back over the experience gained through the recording of sixteen albums, gaining proper gear for the job, and learning how to mix and master. Between 2016 and now, Lamoreaux learned to construct dense drones and ambient pieces that helps him deal with a great deal of frequencies and complexity. This was a far cry from the beginnings to which “For Simplicity’s Sake” attempts to tap into but with all the experience behind it. The approach is stripped down, simple, and open with the intention of abandoning massive amounts of recorded stems for the limitations of a handful.

“Little Things”, the first track released from this new Heterodox release is heard here and seen, in a way, in visual form. Hearkening back to a film style from the 70’s and yet still keeping a modern feel, the video is edited and produced by Jason T. Lamoreaux.

The Corrupting Sea is Jason T. Lamoreaux who has collaborated with various artists under the names The Warm Jets, Circumrotation, Light Humidity, and Owl Eyes. His studio is based in Shelbyville, KY where he records, mixes, and masters while running the label Somewherecold Records.

Thanks to Ramon Mills at Heterodox Records for believing in the project.

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