FOR IMMEDIATE PRE-ORDER! Slowcore Wonder Tender Mercy: The Veil Falls Out Nov 19th

FOR IMMEDIATE PRE-ORDER! Slowcore Wonder Tender Mercy: The Veil Falls Out Nov 19th

Louisville, Kentucky’s Tender Mercy (aka. Mark Kramer) releases his fourth full-length, The Veil Falls, in November on Somewherecold Records. Tender Mercy‘s output is slow, sparse, minimal and quiet, and is likely to appeal to fans of Low, Grouper, and Tiny Vipers.

“The theme that runs throughout, and basically all my work, is doubt and insecurity and anything stemming from those emotions,” Kramer says. “Sometimes the songs are about me. Sometimes they are about people around me who are dealing with these things. The Veil Falls is the moment when everything you’ve been hiding behind slips away and you are left totally exposed.”

The full-length is the latest addition to a considerable catalog that includes three other LPs, and five EPs (on Obsolete Media Objects, Dunkenstein, Obsolete Staircases, Bright Tonight). Tender Mercy‘s latest compilation track called “Close Our Eyes” was released on July 25 by Somewherecold Records on their Hope: For The Treavor Project benefit comp.

“Somewherecold Records and I initially became acquainted back in 2018, but I had already promised my next two full lengths to other labels. At the time they were based in Texas, but coincidentally moved to right outside of Louisville since our first meeting. I’m really happy that I’m finally getting to work with them!”

The nine-song, 35-minute effort was produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by Nick Layman. Album art was provided by Thaniel Ion Lee.

“This release fits into the overall canon of my work by continuing to explore various forms of insecurity and self-doubt that we all experience. It’s not a ‘pandemic album.’ All these issues were here long before the pandemic and they will be here long after,” concludes Kramer.

Tender Mercy: The Veil Falls will be released on November 19th on CD in wallet, special edition with mini-disc EP in mini-box, and on all digital formats.

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