Somewherecold is proud to present the first ever stream of Devotions‘ debut album Pusher. From start to finish, the album is perfect. Pusher should make it on people’s top 10 lists for the year, that is, if there is any justice in the world. A perfect blend of sparkling pop bred with an incredible knack for dark overtones in the lyrics, the only sad thing is that they are on the other side of the world. Seeing them live would be a massive treat.

Somewherecold Records has printed a set of beautiful CDs for the release and has a vinyl campaign running on bandcamp. The campaign for the vinyl will end October 27th and, if the vinyl doesn’t make, then all purchases will be refunded.

Devotions is a dream pop outfit that started as a way for songwriter/multi-instrumentalist, Luke Zahnleiter (from Glitter Veils and The Rational Academy), to escape the loops of OCD and destructive habits. Based in Brisbane (AUS), he was joined by artists Kate Mockunzie and Amber Ramsey to create a romance between nostalgic pop and a narcotic-like ambiance. With a fascination of films by directors such as Wong Kar-Wai, Nicolas Winding-Refn and David Lynch, their music could easily soundtrack all the neon reverie and hedonism portrayed in these worlds. Throw in other core influences such as 80s Australian post-punk, ambient and the art of Ed Hopper, you can clearly see where their brand of minimal, luxuriant pop stems from. Their sound is one of bleak romanticism that captures a sonic pallet that is as fragile as it is beautiful.

Pusher, Devotions debut album, was written and recorded on many sleepless nights in Brisbane and Melbourne. Themes of love, nostalgia, addiction, seduction, monotony and hope are surrounded by the haze and throb of Devotions’ brand of dream pop.

Get those orders in! The pre-order will be released tomorrow, Sept 9th, so that it can be released on Friday the 10th in the band’s own country.

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