OUT TODAY! Connor Kissel: The Forest of Things Lost and Found

OUT TODAY! Connor Kissel: The Forest of Things Lost and Found

Connor Kissel (They/She) is a nonbinary pianist, saxophonist, and electronic musician who has lived in Louisville, Kentucky since they were born. They began playing piano when they were a young child. In high school, she became involved in the Louisville DIY music scene. Connor’s solo work draws inspiration from the varied expressive sounds of other trans-feminine musicians such as Uboa, Galen Tipton, Liturgy, Laura Les, and SOPHIE. She is currently studying music production and technology at university.

The Forest of Things Lost and Found is an album about an imaginary and mysterious place using field recordings and carefully designed and altered sounds. All field recordings were taken in various locations, from Connor‘s backyard to the parking lot at her job. These tracks build on the style of her first EP (Dark in the Light), with a more varied selection of sounds being combined with the midi harp, which was integral to my last release.

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“It’s almost impossible to wrap one’s mind around the fact that Connor Kissel’s ‘The Forest of Things Lost and Found’ is her debut album, since it arrives with a sophistication and deftness that suggests a vast body of work preceding. Kissel’s foray is indeed experimental but fully formed and thought out; every aspect breathes fluidly but with a knowing sense of precision. This specific forest is intimate, with wondrous tactile-aural delights always within the listeners’ grasp. Connor Kissel provides comfort and inspiration in this debut. It represents the beginning of more great things to come with a great thing right off the bat.”

-John Lane (aka A Journey of Giraffes)

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