OUT TODAY! Darren Ryan: Into the Clicks (Somewherecold Records, 2021)

OUT TODAY! Darren Ryan: Into the Clicks (Somewherecold Records, 2021)

Our newest artist here at Somewherecold Records is Darren Ryan and his incredible release Into the Clicks comes out today. Another master at synthesis and composition utilizing layers of magical soundscapes, Darren Ryan brings to the table a brilliant piece that extends almost an hour and enraptures the listener on the whole journey.

Into the Clicks was conceived and recorded in Fall and Winter of 2020/21 using an entirely digital sound palette sourced from the iOS environment of digital audio synthesis and sound processing applications. While embracing the digital aesthetic of tablet based music making, a casual directive to create synthetic representations of vaguely organic spaces and otherworldly events was in the air from the start.

During the exploration of iOS sound machines a collaboration was born with UK based musician/app developer Mark Smulian whose MindHarp app inspired and provided the sounds for an extended passage contained in the album.

The core inspiration for the compositional aspect of Into the Clicks was a desire to create a single long form piece that held a surreal and evolving narrative while pushing synthesis into an ambiguous biomechanics that transcends the digital source material.

Get your copy of Darren Ryan: Into the Clicks today and enjoy another of the great roster of synth masters on the label.

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