OUT TODAY - Nicholas Maloney: Stilling (Somewherecold Records, 2021)

OUT TODAY – Nicholas Maloney: Stilling (Somewherecold Records, 2021)

The master of field recordings is back for another album here at Somewherecold Records. Having released two other pieces on Somewherecold Records under his name as well as under his Blanket Swimming moniker, Nicholas Maloney demonstrates on Stilling why you need to get on board with his output now because, in the future, people will be looking at his music as a central influence in the field recording and sound design scene. As A Closer Listen noted,  “Stilling includes two disc-long weather-based works, in which wind and rain share space with ambience and drone, a perfect release for the liminal space between seasons.” This two disc opus includes about 86 minutes of sound design that rises among other albums in the same genre. When you order Stilling you will get a bonus track with your download and this will be the only place to get the bonus track.

Nicholas Maloney: Stilling is an album I have been so excited for people to hear in full. If you are an ambient/sound/field recording fan, this album is a must and the artwork and packaging really add to the feel of the sonic journey. You can get Stilling on limited edition cd (only 50 copies) or on a number of digital formats via Bandcamp.


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