FOR IMMEDIATE PRE-ORDER - Cementation Anxiety: In Continual Out March 26

FOR IMMEDIATE PRE-ORDER – Cementation Anxiety: In Continual Out March 26

Welcome Somewherecold Records newest avant-garde/noise/ambient/drone artist Cementation Anxiety. In Continual is his debut album and was released in late 2020 on Tribe Tapes and is now being released on CD through Somewherecold Records. This dense, claustrophobic work explores the ebbs and flows of neuroticism, immersing the listener in a cold, bleak space not unlike the present day. Although there are moments of euphoria, they act as momentary states of respite that essentially contradict each other rather than serve as solutions. As the liner notes state, “The weightlessness of fear becomes insurmountable.” The search to find solace, in itself, seems futile, but the struggle to do so epitomizes In Continual.

Cementation Anxiety is the ambient drone project from Kyle Nelson of hardcore punk group Bodiless. Spending the last third of his life listening to ambient, drone, and noise music, he, through processed guitar, field recordings, oscillators, noise machines, and even hardware tools, offers his contribution to these genres.

The newest member of the Somewherecold Records roster, Cementation Anxiety brings a combustible combination of noise, drones, and ambient music together. In Continual is unique and garners multiple listens in order to dig deep.

Cementation Anxiety: In Continual will be released on March 26, 2021 on limited CD in Digipak as well as on digital.

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