OUT TODAY! Wolfredt: Tides (Somewherecold Records, 2020)

OUT TODAY! Wolfredt: Tides (Somewherecold Records, 2020)

The tides have risen and their roar are magnificent. This rising and falling of the oceans signal a dynamic in sound that Wolfredt capture magnificently on their newest record Tides. Released in Europe on Moment of Collapse Records and in North America on Somewherecold Records, this recent edition to the roster is a welcome one given Somewherecold has been following this band for some time.

Started as a one-man-project by Margus Voolpriit, Wolfredt released two albums in 2013 and 2016. Expanding the sound for the third album, Margus realized that additional band members could even be more helpful to bring more melodies, dynamics and ideas to the project.

So the four-piece Wolfredt was born and worked on the upcoming third album “Tides”.

The album follows the eternal way of the “tides”. The coming and going of ebb and flow, the up and down of the endless circle of life, where past, present and future mix and always repeat. Musically the band wrote this down in lengthy guitar-based dynamic instrumental pieces, melodic bass guitar lines with heavy use of distortion and effects and an eminent ambient sound, sometimes dark and sometimes grand.

If you have to compare them to any other bands, Russian Circles, We Lost The Sea, or Caspian may come to your mind.

There has been a slight delay in shipping the CDs and vinyl from Europe. As we all know, shipping is unpredictable at this time.


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