OUT OCT 2! - Chad Mossholder: Receiver + Deluxe Edition with Components (Somewherecold Records)

OUT OCT 2! – Chad Mossholder: Receiver + Deluxe Edition with Components (Somewherecold Records)

Receiver is the second full length solo album from renown sound artist Chad Mossholder (Ghostly International, Hefty, Bip-Hop, Komplot, Artificial Music Machine). Along with the full length, Mossholder is releasing a very special limited edition (14 copies) of a mini-disc box set called Components. Copies are very limited, so get one while you can.

In terms of the larger LP, Receiver is a collection of densely layered compositions, beautifully constructed from captured phone conversations, snippets of media streaming in from the ethereal cloud, bursts of soothing noise, haunting guitars, disembodied voices, and analog electronic sounds, meticulously composed with an utmost attention to detail. 

The tracks on Receiver become an ever changing dialog between sound and listener, where a deep dive offers infinite rewards. New information will be gleaned from each listening. It is music that wants to spend a quiet evening alone with you, in the dark, high quality headphones transmitting the private ambitions and fears of strangers and fictional characters directly into your thoughts. If the voices sound familiar and the characters seem real, it is because they are us, and we are all transmitting and we are all receivers.

Chad Mossholder has been designing sound and music for over 20 years. His critically acclaimed project Twine has toured all over the world and released numerous albums and remixes. Chad is a seasoned veteran of sound design, having worked as a sound designer/composer for video games since 2000. Chad is currently the audio director of a major triple A game studio.

Chad Mossholder: Receiver will be released on October 02, 2020 on limited CD in Digipak as well as on digital along with the very limited Deluxe version that comes with Components on mini-CD and digital.

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