FOR CURRENT PRE-ORDER - Circumrotation: Cosmonaut (Somewherecold Records, 2020)

FOR CURRENT PRE-ORDER – Circumrotation: Cosmonaut (Somewherecold Records, 2020)

Hello Somewherecold Supporter! Yes, another new artist, well collaboration, and another pre-order headed your way. Circumrotation is a collaboration between Jason Lamoreaux (The Corrupting Sea) and Federico Balducci. Both met during The Corrupting Sea’s 2020 tour in January and February in New Hampshire. They both played the same night and found their sets to be amazing. Not long after, both communicated over the internet, built a friendship, and a new ambient/electronic/guitar loop project was born entitled Circumrotation. The album is entitled Cosmonaut and references what Balducci and Lamoreaux call the traveler. This traveler is a being that eventually orbits earth, looks down upon it, and, in some way, pities it. At once distant and yet near, the traveler desires to understand, seek truth, and encounter new differences and commonalities.

Balducci and Lamoreaux spin a sonic story of a being that may indeed be more like you than you think. The album asks the listener to step into another person’s shoes, another person’s world, and look at the universe from another being’s possible perspective. The earth groans under the protective and curious eye of the Cosmonaut and the Cosmonaut wonders what can be done to save such a beautiful and fragile orb.

Circumrotation: Cosmonaut comes out on limited CD as well as digital on August 28, 2020.


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