Somewherecold Records Update

Somewherecold Records Update

Hello Somewherecold followers and supporters!

I thought I would send out an update on the label just to give everyone the skinny about what’s happened so far and what is coming. There are a lot of new releases in the hopper ready to go up for pre-order but for now we have the split with Nonnconah/The Corrupting Sea: Distant Fields coming out tomorrow, Friday the 17th. During July and August, we have forthcoming albums from Tymbro, Owl Eyes, Backwards Charm, Akkad the Orphic Priest, and Fritz Pape. We’ve got about one album a week coming and I’m hoping you all can spare some change to support the label.

As I gather a rather large collective of artists which I am very proud of and honored to curate, I begin to expand our genre limits. However, there are limits and I thought it appropriate to give at least some indication to fans where things lie within the context of genres. Of course, these are generalizations and some bands/artists cross over into things like slowcore, electronica, etc.


A Broken Sail
A.M. Feelgood
Airships on the Water


Tender Mercy


Backwards Charm
The Beremy Jets
Blue Unit
Brief Candles

The Microdance
Nebula Glow
Star Guided Vessel
Tape Deck Mountain
Tombstones in Their Eyes
Your Gaze
Zombie Girlfriend


Aidan Baker
A Journey of Giraffes
Akkad the Orphic Priest
Anders Brørby
Aura Gaze
Blanket Swimming
Brian Wenckebach
Chad Mossholder

The Corrupting Sea
David Newlyn
Federico Balducci

Fritz Pape
Heavy Sunrise
John the Silent
Kieran Mahon
Nicholas Maloney
Owl Eyes
Thee Koukouvaya
The Warm Jets

What I do know is that the future is impossible to predict. Given the situation, looking at the world we know crumbling, it’s impossible to know what will be left of music in the long run. The label means the world to me (Jason) and the artists, I think, deserve an audience. But, as with all things that deal with commerce, it’s up to all of you to keep labels and music alive. So, we will see where this goes. I’m hoping the label doesn’t disappear into the either before the end of the year. At this point, however, I marshal on and hope that people have the resources to support Somewherecold Records.

Lastly, I have always dreamed of moving the label into the realm of vinyl. As people all know, it’s very very expensive to do. So, for the first possible vinyl, I thought my own release would be a good guinea pig to see if things could possibly work out. The goal here is to put out something professional. I do have a follow up vinyl in mind but it will mean getting this one done and hopefully being able to fold profits into the printing of another in the future (It will be another artist on the label people have asked for on vinyl).

It always feels like begging to me, but, if I don’t advertise myself and ask, it will never get out there. If you cannot support the Kickstarter or the label but want to in some way, please invite friends to the label page, invite them to social media sites for the label, and point them towards the Kickstarter. Every single little piece of help is important.

Thanks to all who have supported the label to this day. It has meant a lot to me to see it move forward every year.




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