VIDEO PREMIERE: Orange Crate Art - "Interplanetary Word Salad"

VIDEO PREMIERE: Orange Crate Art – “Interplanetary Word Salad”

Part of Orange Crate Art‘s newest EP Radial Transverse Velocity, “Interplanetary Word Salad” is a masterwork in dreampop perfection. Ethereally transcendent, “Interplanetary Word Salad” could have leapt out of the recording sessions of The Beach BoysPet Sounds sessions. Tobias Bernsand, the mastermind behind Orange Crate Art, talked a bit about the production of “Interplanetary Word Salad”.

“So, about two months ago, while watching a ’70s film that had a lot of really good incidental music, I got the inspiration to write/record “Interplanetary Word Salad” with the film on in the background. That’s how I usually write these days, with a film on in the background, making something up on the spot. (“Five Summer Stories”, for example, was recorded as “Polanski Song” back in 2012). Apart from the vocals, the finished song is essentially what was recorded in that first hour. In hindsight, it makes me think of some of Carl Orff’s schulwerk pieces. I also channeled my love for Curt Boettcher’s productions in the tape delay explosions that you hear throughout the song.”

The video reflects both the present and the past, with digital imagery recalling those psychedelic days of the 60’s and 70’s. In terms of the rest of the EP, which is released on May 15th, it is just as fabulous and this is some of the best work from Orange Crate Art I’ve heard. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Tobias Bernsand has created a tight, closely knit set of tracks that any dreampop should want.

The video is by our very own Somewherecold Recording artist Paul Saarnak (The Beremy Jets).


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