RELEASE DAY - Giacomelli: The Crucible (Somewherecold Records, 2019)

RELEASE DAY – Giacomelli: The Crucible (Somewherecold Records, 2019)

Giacomelli: The Crucible is out today and it is a wonderful electronic sonic adventure. Nine tracks of cinematic, scifi-esque tracks that move between tension, peace, ambience, and complex moments, The Crucible is the last full-length of the year for Somewherecold Records and we are hoping you all get your copy before the holidays come around! Pre-orders have gone out.
After cutting his teeth in the experimental noise rock band The Ohm and various bands in the diverse and passionate Midtown Gainesville FL scene of the early 21st century and following a soul-searching hiatus, Giacomelli reemerged in 2016 with a series of albums showcasing a classic sensibility rooted in the myriad approaches to early explorations of analog synthesizers.  Exploring the minimalist ethos and limited palettes of expression, Giacomelli often approaches each project as a suite to be expressed through the voice of a single individual analog synthesizer, in this case the reintroduced ARP Odyssey, the synth famously used to monumental effect in such works as the  BBC Radiophonic Workshop’s Doctor Who Theme and early Tangerine Dream albums.

Following 2017’s XLR8-lauded Weather Calculator LP, 2018’s wistful arpeggiations of the Abstructions EP and the early 2019 collaborative exploration of rapture & repetition of Lantz & Giacomelli’s Every Last Soul, comes THE CRUCIBLE. Drawn from a larger session of over 100 new pieces, THE CRUCIBLE is an allegorical concept piece exploring the existential anxiety of modern life in the form of cosmic ambient space drone. Here Giacomelli returns to a methodology of pure sound sculptures, propelling the narrative through waves of drone and pulses that build and swell with quiet transcendence.


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