NEW ARTIST AND SINGLE: Introducing Owl Eyes "The Acropolis" (Somewherecold Records, 2019)

NEW ARTIST AND SINGLE: Introducing Owl Eyes “The Acropolis” (Somewherecold Records, 2019)

Somewherecold Records is proud to announce the release of the first single from Owl Eyes, a collaboration between John Lane (A Journey of Giraffes) and Jason T. Lamoreaux (The Corrupting Sea). It’s a collaboration meant to happen between two musicians that have become dear friends and musical mates. The full album is planned for later in 2020 but ti was thought that an introduction to the work would be in order. “The Acropolis” is the beginning of the collab and, behind the scenes, work continues. Give the track a listen and download at “Pay What You Want”. Thanks for the support people!


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