FOR IMMEDIATE PRE-ORDER - Nicholas Maloney: Water Studies (Somewherecold Records, 2019)

FOR IMMEDIATE PRE-ORDER – Nicholas Maloney: Water Studies (Somewherecold Records, 2019)

Hello Somewherecold Faithful! Today we are releasing the very first release in a series called Frostbite. It’s a series of in-house made releases that showcases avant garde, experimental, and longform pieces by some incredible artists. The very first release in the series is from Nicholas Maloney (Blanket Swimming) and his fabulous two long form track release entitled Water Studies.

The album is comprised entirely of recordings of water environments. This is not, however, an album of raw field recordings. The audio was transformed, processed, and arranged in order to explore the unique, sonic characteristics of these environments. The artist is not interested in representation, but in presenting a pallet of textures that progress in a cohesive manner. The first track, “Study for moving water,” uses source sounds ranging from the roaring of powerful waterfalls in Iceland, to the quiet trickle of a small stream near the artist’s home in Jackson, Mississippi. The second track, “Study for still water,” was recorded by placing waterproofed piezo microphones in various shallow ponds near the Pearl River, capturing the acoustic properties of these underwater environments.

Water Studies comes on printed CDr in a split case with insert and encased in a dark blue envelope with the Frostbite logo on the front. The series will consist of approximately 45 copies per release and they are all hand-numbered. Water Studies is limited to 45 hand-numbered copies. The album will be released on June 28th.


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