FOR IMMEDIATE PRE-ORDER - Nebula Glow: Nebula Glow (Somewherecold Records 2019)

FOR IMMEDIATE PRE-ORDER – Nebula Glow: Nebula Glow (Somewherecold Records 2019)

Somewherecold Records is proud to present the debut EP for Nebula Glow. The band is a quintet consisting of Valentina Esposito (Guitar/Vox), Quentin Le Roch (Guitar/Vox), Manuel Devier (Bass), Gregory Wojcik (Guitar), and Antoine Lenest (Drums). The band calls Paris, France home and their brand of shoegaze is exquisitely shimmering and powerfully eruptive. Their walls of sound and incredible song writing make for a remarkable debut for this relatively new band. Nebula Glow formed in 2015 through the vision of Quentin and Manuel. Letter on, Greg and Valentina would join the roster to form the current vision of the band. In early 2018, Antoine would round out the band’s members and the recording of the EP took place that May. The Jonesy Agency would then mix and master the EP to get the final product.


The first single, “Nothing but a Shadow”, premiered on May 22nd on Drowned in a Sea of Sound on DKFM Shoegaze Radio and is now available with pre-order of the CD or digital. Thanks to Krissy Vanderwoude for the wonderful premiere and support! The EP will have an exclusive stream on The Big Takeover thanks to Jen Dan on June 5th.

Nebula Glow: Nebula Glow will be officially released on June 6th! Get your copy soon!

Thanks for your support!


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