Grey Goes Black: Records Over Wire (Shore Dive Records, 2019)

Grey Goes Black: Records Over Wire (Shore Dive Records, 2019)

by Jason

Grey Goes Black is a trio from New Jersey consisting of Matt Casoni (vox, guitar), James Malizia Jr. (Bass, Keys), and Steven Moraghan (Drums, Electronics). The band craft smokey rock lullabies and soaring deeply dark post punk. The four song EP, entitled Records Over Wire, came out on May 5th via Shore Dive Records and is a great introduction to this power-trio.

The EP starts with “It’s Not Just Another Night”. As it rises into the speakers, electronic and organic drums usher in the listener to what follows. Guitar is utilized in a subtle and supportive way while the vocal melodies take front stage. I do have to say that the percussion and bass here really hold this track together perfectly, giving the song a deep musicality. “Won’t Hurt” begins with ambient tones and moves into a sort of hushed ballad. Subtle drums, piano tones, and simple bass work create a firm foundation for the vocal melodies here.

“Can’t Keep Me Here Tonight” has an intimacy that is accompanied by dreamy guitar tones and slow moving percussion and bass. It’s an understated piece but it is well executed. Synth keys once again announce the arrival of another track. “Don’t Stop” anchors the album and continues the more intimate themes of the EP. Near the end, the track builds to a thundering crescendo and then slowly fades into a protracted silence.

Records Over Wire was released on May 5th and proves once again that Shore Dive Records has brought another great and interesting band to its roster. Check the EP out at the bandcamp below and pick up a copy on handmade packaging!


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