TRACK PREMIERE: Single Lash - "Heathen (Bowie Cover)"

TRACK PREMIERE: Single Lash – “Heathen (Bowie Cover)”

by Jason

In 2018, Single Lash released the epic album Providence. As a follow up to that incredible album, the band has released a new single in tribute to their musical hero David Bowie. With his absence, the production of covers in his honor become all the more potent as those in the music world really deal with the void he has left. As most readers will be aware, “Heathen” is a triumphant piece that is both subtle and passionately emotive. Single Lash put their own spin on this masterpiece with weeping guitars and electronic, pulsing rhythm. They do the track more than a justice and, with their own gorgeously dark flare, enhance the track’s more dulcet, darkly melancholy tones. Nicolas Nadeau‘s vocals are a beautiful double to Bowie‘s own rendition of the song and the acoustic guitar that flows throughout the track picks up on those more subtle currents that inhabit the original. Included with the cover is a beautiful synth piece entitled “You Know”. This original is ghostly and has an almost ambient quality to it with subtle bass and percussion work carrying the movement. It’s weird but this b-side might be my favorite Single Lash track to date, with it’s noir atmosphere and smokey dark room feel. Everything this band has done has been golden and this newly minted single cover with this glorious b-side is no different. This is truly a proper tribute to the person who is our (dark)star.

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