FEATURED VIDEO: The Emerald Down - "Rule of 3rds"

FEATURED VIDEO: The Emerald Down – “Rule of 3rds”

by Jason

The Emerald Down is back with their first new track in 16 years. Consisting of Rebecca Basye, Nick Noble (93millionmilesfromthesun), and Tobias Bernsand (Orange Crate Art), the band has reformed in this new iteration to bring us dreamy, haze filled dreampop. David Fitzgerald (Junkyard Liberty / The Telescopes) will be joining the group on the EP that is to follow. “Rule of 3rds” is the newest video from the band and the track is a beautifully composed piece of dreampop mastery. Ghostly and ethereal, melodic layers create beautiful intricacies in the piece as Basye angelic vocals float through the stream aural walls of sound. This is an epic return for the band and, amidst the growing surge of returning bands, a welcome return that blows away expectations. I just can’t wait to hear more from the newly formed band. Give the video a watch/listen and purchase the new single at their Bandcamp!


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