Lunaria: Ascension Now (Constellation Tatsu, 2018)

Lunaria: Ascension Now (Constellation Tatsu, 2018)

by Jason

Lunaria is the ambient project of Daniel Guillén who hails from Zaragoza, Spain. Ascension Now is Guillén’s newest offering on the ever-wonderful Constellation Tatsu. It is two tracks of equal length clocking in at 19:59 each. Lunaria is a project which generates the kind of ambient music that envelops the listener in peaceful aural sound-blankets. Guillén’s work is wonderfully patient and deceptively simple. The layers produced float in and out of each other’s orbits while congealing to create a hypnotic atmosphere.

“Ascension Now”, the title track, begins this two-part musical journey. The base for the track is a soaring synth drone that moves in slow, swelling waves. This is accompanied by layers of organic sounds like birds singing, bells, and other soothing noises. There are also deep tones here, giving the piece a subtle floor. Rain/water enter the mix, touches of sparse melody dot the soundscape, and the results of it all are just stunning.

“A High Energy Realm” begins with a more monotone drone that has subtle variation. It is topped with a slight fuzz and then bright synths glide over top. This is a very slow-moving piece with layered drones and beautiful tones. About half-way through the track, the backing drone glistens while fuzzed out waves begin to roll into the speakers. Sci-fi synths appear and play simple melodies. It’s a stunning piece that really wraps up this beautifully composed album.

Constellation Tatsu finds another great artist in Lunaria. Daniel Guillén is a patient, careful composer who creates striking ambient pieces that sooth and calm the listener. It’s a magnificent edition to the spring batch of tapes from the label.


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